IT Support Forms

Please use these forms when requesting IT help, as they will collect specific data and will be the fastest way. These forms will submit a service request ticket to

General Request

The general request form is for all other requests not listed on this page.

Employee Onboarding

Hiring managers can use this form to let IT know of new employees and to request most IT services at one time.

Presentation Help

Request assistance in setting up laptops, projectors, audio and wireless connections for presentations.

New Email Account

Use this form to request a new email account.

Website Help

Help with any Student Life website you manage.

Shared Drive Access

Shared drive access. aka. "L" drive. Connect with your departments shared drives.

New GT Account

New GT Account requests.

Purchase Request

Why not update that old clunker of a computer taking up room with a nice new speedy one!

Computer Loan

Need to show off that cool slide show in a meeting but don't have a laptop? We have you covered.

New Banner Access

Access to Banner requests.